KMET Hosts 2013 Harvard Summer Program

As an organization that champion innovation in quality healthcare, KMET is, hosting 15 students from the United States in a 6-week study christened the Harvard Summer Program.

The 15 will be seeking to examine and understand the role of innovations and technologies in encouraging sustainable healthcare improvements in Africa.

Genevieve Purcell  one of the coordinators of Harvard summer program says the aim of the program is to equip students with an in depth understanding of approaches to tackling healthcare challenges through the implementation of effective innovations and technologies that can have an immediate and lasting impact on the poor.

KMET has since 1995 been a front runner in providing underserved communities in Kenya with quality reproductive healthcare services such as family planning and maternal healthcare, a feat that has so far birthed a social health network of over 46 private health centres under the umbrella of Huduma Poa social franchise.

Liddy Dulo the program Coordinator of KMET’s African institute of Innovation and Technology (AIIT), applauds the partnership saying that it will aid in conceptualization of new and innovative health solutions that are locally relevant and scaled for impact.

KMET is hosting the Harvard summer program for the first time though it has been on going in Western Kenya annually and was hosted by the Great Lakes University in 2012.

Thomas F. Burke, the MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School adds that The program is designed to accommodate students from all fields interested in the role of innovations and technologies to transform healthcare delivery in Africa.

“The six week intensive training course will be conducted through guided discussions, lectures, guest speakers, field work, assigned readings, and presentations by students,’’ explains the Professor.

The universities represented include Harvard University, Emory University, Brown University, University of Toronto, and University of Northern British Columbia.

For more information on the summer program, visit


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