APHIAplus Health Communication and Marketing (HCM)

KMET is a partner in the USAID APHIAplus Health Communications and Marketing (HCM) Program. The goal of this program is to improve the health of Kenyans through sustainable,country-led programs and partnerships.The Program with support from the American people through USAID seeks to promote access to and demand for quality;create demand in the utilization of quality health services,product and information to improve adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviours among consumers of health care.By the end of this program, Kenyans should see improvements in maternal,neonatal and child health,family planning and reproductive health,malaria,HIV and tuberculosis.For sustainability, the HCM program is strengthening local leadership, management and governance of the total Kenyan health market. KMET is implementing HCM in three regions: Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley.

Vision: To enable the government to harness the skills and energy of all the players in the health market in Kenya to deliver sustainable health improvements for all Kenyans.


Population Services International (PSI), Family Health International (FHI 360) and its Gold Star Network (GSN) will expand social franchising and improve the quality and scope of services offered by franchise.

Liverpool VCT, Counseling and Testing (LVCT) will expand its existing call center to provide individualized health information and counseling

PharmAcess Foundation- SafeCare will help the APHIAplus HCM team establish a Kenyan certification agency capable of certifying the quality of providers well into the future.

Centre for Behaviors Change Communications (CBCC) – Will facilitate training of KMET HCM team and CHEWs on SBCC. The CHEWs will then be expected to orientate/ refresh the CHW’s on task areas of: HIV, Family Planning, Malaria, TB and Maternal neonatal child health. This is also aimed at sharpening the skills of the CHW’s on social behaviour change communication (SBCC) since they will be involved in social marketing activities in the community.


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