Medical Credit Fund (MCF)


KMET in partnership with Medical Credit Fund (MCF), strives to improve the quality of health care services through provision of affordable loans to the private health facilities in western Kenya.

The private health sector in Kenya provides about 50% of all care to patients much as in other sub-Saharan countries.People turn to the private health sector since the public sector is often overburdened in service delivery.However,the private sector lacks access to capital due to poor qualification levels and cost of capital.The program aims at strengthening partnership between public and private health sector

QHFP Program sites in Kenya: Western, Rift valley and Nyanza.

The Process

Identification of health facility:
Health facilities are selected using snowball method, County Health Management teams (CHMT) and self identification .The already existing KMET network members identify other health facilities with potentials to offer quality and affordable health care services but who haven’t joined the KMET network yet. CHMT also help in identification The facilities which already belong to KMET network and already providing integrated health services are issued with the eligibility criteria to ensure they meet the basic requirements before being recruited into the MCF network. They then sign a participation agreement with KMET which stipulates the roles of KMET as the TA organization and the facility in the MCF program. The facilities further identify with the eligibility criteria by signing a participation agreement after which an expert opinion,situational analysis,loaning process,assessment, training,quality/business planning and certification are subsequently implemented.The proprietors are then offered technical support to achieve all the steps of the program through certification.

Entry loan provision:
After enrolment of the facility proprietors are issued with entry loans of up to a maximum Euro 4,000 to help them meet their immediate needs in the facility and assess their financial credibility.
The participants are trained on quality improvement and business planning to enhance their capacity to invest wisely with the goal of improving patient safety and client satisfaction.


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