Huduma Poa Health Network

Huduma Poa logoThe Huduma Poa Health Network operating under the slogan “quality healthcare for all” is a social franchise run by KMET in partnership with USAID APHIA plus Health Communications and Marketing (HCM) program.

It was unveiled on 30th January 2013 in a gala graced by partners from Population Services International (PSI), Ministry of Health, PharmAcess Foundation, Medical Credit Fund, SafeCare, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and healthcare providers from the Social franchise.

Huduma Poa Social health network has already recruited 46 privately owned facilities using a social franchising approach. The approach aims at giving quality healthcare, sustainable and affordable health insurance plan through KMET’s network of healthcare providers in Nyanza, Western and Rift valley Provinces. This is done through offering a considerable opportunity to integrate health services hence ensure a – one stop shop service delivery for the target population.


The integrated services at the franchised facilities include: family planning services, cervical cancer screening, HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT), Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) with great emphasis on integrated Management of Childhood illnesses and  promoting provision of HIV and TB services. These integrated services’ range is expected to increase from one implementation quarter to another.

A majority of franchises comprise small, stand-alone medical clinics that are owned and operated by a registered Nurse, Clinical officer or Medical Officer and staffed by a few other health workers.

The franchise has an established demand creation component currently comprising 88 CHWs and 4 program staff whose primary role is to forge linkages between the facilities and target communities.

This is done in line with the Ministry of Health community strategy meant to mobilize surrounding communities in ensuring sustainable demand and utilization of quality health care services that is accessible and affordable to consumers accessing care at the social franchised facilities.

This in turn accelerates uptake of the much desired service- mix, marketing of the outlet,  strengthening of the Huduma Poa brand and positioning statement that symbolizes the quality of  services offered to the community.  Two CHWs are assigned per franchise, and each CHW receives branded materials, pictorial aids and reporting tools.

KMET has introduced a Community Healthcare Access plan (CHAp) to be used by ultra-poor populations in accessing care at selected franchise facilities. This is meant to reduce out of pocket payments necessary to expand on provision of health services in the private sector.

In addition, KMET through its Quality Healthcare Financing Program (QHFP) is supporting innovative healthcare financing to ensure improvement of quality of care provided at the franchised facilities hence equitable access to critical health interventions. This involves provision of loans and technical assistance aimed at improving the quality of the health clinics, leading to expanded and improved healthcare services for ultra-poor within its operational regions.

Currently, 15 of the already recruited facilities have been branded whereas installation of light boxes in 30 facilities is ongoing. Huduma Poa has successfully improved private-public partnership with the Ministry of Health with its franchises recognized by the government and is able to source family planning commodities from the Ministry’s stores.


KMET is however on the verge of expanding its franchises. Facilities that are not registered as members are being assessed based on an established eligibility criteria; those who qualify are enrolled as per the laid down procedure.

Through its Quality Assurance department, KMET has put to use a variety of capacity building approaches including workshops, on-the-job training, coaching, mentorship and dissemination of appropriate IEC materials to enhance the capacity of franchise health providers in providing quality health care services that meet the demand of target communities.


2 thoughts on “Huduma Poa Health Network

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  2. Aphia Plus I salute you for Nyanza refion initiative on health. It will, if taken seriously by the kith and kin there, contribute alot un reducing pain in children Sickle Cell Disease and reduce deaths.
    Can you implement the same in Kibera Slums where I work. The people in Kibera can actually buy good health at 8K am sure. Please consider and contact me. I am with another NGO operating there.


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