Huduma Poa Play a Major Role in the Sagam Medical Camp

registration in processKMET Huduma Poa Social franchise alongside other partners offered various medical services to about 3,000 patients in a two-day medical camp in Sagam School, Siaya County.

The Sagam Medical Camp held on 10th-11th of August in honour of Dr. Khama Rogo aimed at sensitizing community members within Western and Nyanza regions of Kenya on the value of good health in relation to quality medical services.

DR. Rogo is one of the founder members of KMET and a champion of women reproductive health and rights. He has served as the Vice President for Africa for Ipas, and serves as the Lead Health sector Specialist and Advisor for Population and Reproductive Health at The World Bank alongside sitting on KMET’s board of trustees.

Under Huduma Poa, 36 clients screened for cervical cancer, 16 women underwent ultrasound check-ups with majority women receiving short-term contraceptive methods.

line on huduma poaultrasoundKMET’s Bima Poa team, a health access plan that covers outpatient treatment and maternity care of 6 members in a family with an annual premium of Ksh. 8000 took the opportunity to explain the importance of having insurance health covers to the clients.

Households present also benefited from nutritional talks and products from KMET’s nutri-care department. Alongside the talks, they were able to purchase affordable nutritional flour from KMET.

KMET produces four types of porridge flour: EXTRA nutriflour that builds and increases one’s immunity, NENE nutriflour for weaning babies, AFYA nitri flour that is flavoured for the whole family use and NUTRI-MAMA  with special formula for expectant mothers.

Other Huduma Poa staff assisted in laboratory tests, dispensation of drugs in the pharmacy and in patient consultation rooms.


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