KMET’s Bima Poa Health Plan

KMET strives to make health services accessible to as many communities as possible. One of its objectives is to improve access to quality healthcare services particularly in the under served areas.

KMET has developed a Community Healthcare Access Plan (CHAP) based on a network of healthcare providers, in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley Kenya. The provider-based health plan project was designed and piloted from January to December 2013 and rolled-out based on pilot’s lessons learned the following years. Six KMET healthcare providers (4 in Kisumu East and 2 in Siaya) have been selected for the pilot phase of the project.

Bima poa is a product of CHAP, a healthcare plan for you and your family. It covers up to a maximum of 6 household members; these are the household head, spouse and children who are below 18years of age.

The healthcare plan is being implemented by KMET in partnership with Pharm Access Foundation (PAF), Africa Medilink Limited (AML), AAR Holdings Limited (AAR) and Safaricom.

Sharon Oyoo, Bima Poa Sales Executive gives product knowledge to community members at Rabuor in Dophil

Sharon Oyoo, Bima Poa Sales Executive gives product knowledge to community members at Rabuor in Dophil

Bima Poa is designed to help you reduce, high outof-pocket expenditures and sale of your critical family assets (land, radio, cattle) in order to finance healthcare.At an annual premium of Ksh. 8,000, that is paid all at once or in two consecutive instalments, a family is able to access a number of health care services which include:

Outpatient benefits

  • Consultation
  • Laboratory  test
  • Drugs

 Maternity benefits

  • Pregnancy test Antenatal care
  • Normal delivery and/ or caesarean section.
  • Care of newborn for the first thirty days.
  • Ambulance transport for transfer of emergency maternity cases in between providers.

Bima Poa is available at a number of healthcare providers which are:

Kisumu East:

  • Corkran health center,
  • Godswill medical center,
  •  Millimani Maternity Hospital&
  •   Nightingale Medical Center

In Siaya,

  • Bama Hospital and
  • Dophil maternity & nursing home.

KMET has the needs of the communities they serve at heart and programs such as CHAP are founded on the belief that not only is it everyone’s right to access health care services but also access such, afford ably.


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