KMET Team Returns From Gettysburg USA

Just a day after a team from KMET comprising of the CEO, Monica Oguttu, Deputy CEO, Sam Owoko and Agnes Sewe got back into the country from Gettysburg College in the US, Mr. Owoko took time to make a presentation to KMET staff detailing the visit.

The three week visit which was characterized by meetings, presentations, lectures and fundraising bore fruits of potential projects to be implemented by KMET alongside other partners in the sectors of agriculture, health and human rights advocacy.Mama KMET gives a report from the Gettysburg Visit

The team reported to have raised a worthy sum of money towards the construction of a Reproductive Health Training Centre at KMET premises in Tom Mboya Kisumu despite the challenges in fundraising due to the current political and general state of security in Kenya.

“During the short period, we managed to meet KMET ambassadors, attend special fundraising lunches, acquaint ourselves with several projects and potential partnerships and even got a little extra time to take a citywide tour” reported Mr. Owoko.

Potential Partnerships:

The USDA-NIFA (US Department of Agriculture) showed a lot of interest in funding KMET in a project in collaboration with an agricultural university in Kenya.

NARAL Pro-Choice America also showed interest in joining KMET in matters of advocacy and human rights.DSC06660

Another, partner; Project Gaia, has developed a cooking stove that uses ethanol in a bid to promote clean and affordable energy. They will be working with KMET in a study in Kisumu and Siaya to determine whether ethanol energy stove will lead to reduced respiratory infections.

Other relationships created include those with the GLBTI association of Gettysburg College, The Big Brothers and Sisters, Circle, and Healthy Options that are all within Gettysburg College.

Gettysburg has had a long relationship with KMET over the years in an internship program for the college students and KMET welcomes all the students joining in this year.


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