At KMET, we strive hard to offer our clients quality and affordable healthcare and its with this promise in mind that we are now offering clients a new option in ensuring healthcare remains a priority.

This will be done through the newly conceived M-Health Wallet(Mobile Wallet Health Technical Usability Project), which is a mobile money savings program that enables a client to save up to a maximum of 4000shillings in their mobile phones (Safaricom lines) to cater for their usual and emergency medical expenses.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

A partnership between Pharm Access, Safaricom, AAR, KMET will be part of this project as a provider of medical infrastructure through its Huduma Poa Health Network linked clinics such as Sagam Community Hospital, Corkran Health Complex And Support Partners Like Bama, Masaba ,Ahero Medical Center And Godswill. Other clinics included in the program but no directly affiliated to KMEt include; Avenue Hospital.

This money is non-withdrawable at any other place and can only be transferred by the client to the registered pay-bill numbers of the specific listed clinics and hospitals for purposes of medical expenses. This is because a special account is created for the purposes of this project so as to reduce fraud and unnecessary withdrawals.

For every top up into the account, a bonus of 100% of the deposited amount is awarded and one can only deposit up-to a maximum of 4000 every six months. After the lapse of this period, all the unused deposit is refunded excluding the bonus.

Article by: Joanne Rakwach


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