Starting next term, KMET’s Education Project unveils an improved adult education Centre. The new Centre, which will be open to adults and other primary school dropouts of both sexes, is focused on achieving higher literacy levels among the Kenyan population

Being an improvement/expansion of the existing remedial catch-up classes that previously focused only on teenage mothers who dropped out of primary school, it will continue to offer the primary school curriculum leading up to KCPE.
The current catch-up class carries 20 students while last year’s class had 10 students sit for KCPE with half of them joining secondary schools.

Remedial catch-up classroom

Remedial catch-up classroom

The only variation in the new program is that the students will have to pay a fee of 1000shillings per month (subject to revision) and an admission fee of 500shillings. This is because the previous class was under UNICEF sponsorship and was thus free.

KMET ‘s education project also currently runs an ECD and Daycare Centre.

Article by Joanne Rakwach

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