CEO, Monica Oguttu makes a presentation during the launch June 11, 2014, Kisumu, Kenya: On Wednesday, World Health Partners (WHP) and Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) will host an event to launch a telemedicine-enabled rural health social franchise network in Siaya and Kisumu counties in western Kenya. Through this network, the organizations will offer remote and underserved communities in Western Kenya access to better healthcare and reproductive health services.

“WHP’s commitment is to bringing critical health services to underserved communities that are poor and large in number. The new health franchise network we are launching in partnership with KMET is a part of this commitment,” said Gopi Gopalakrishnan, WHP president. “I am very excited to see our teams take what we have learned from building a successful model for a telemedicine-enabled rural health social franchise network in India and apply it in a different context.”

Officials from Kisumu, Siaya and Nairobi, as well as partners, stakeholders and friends will attend Thursday’s launch event at the Kisumu Hotel. According to KMET’s Executive Director, Monica Oguttu, “The new project aims to build on WHP’s innovative and scalable social franchising model, and KMET’s existing social franchise network of Huduma Poa clinics to respond to the needs of underserved populations comprehensively and sustainably.”

With the new project, WHP and KMET plans to enroll 60 village level entrepreneurs in the telemedicine-enabled network and link them through a referral system with 6 clinics operated by nurses and clinical officers. This will include KMET’s Huduma Poa clinic network, in Siaya and Kisumu counties.Huduma Poa- Sky launch

Each network franchisee in the new network will be equipped with information, communication tools, and medical diagnostic technologies to communicate with doctors based at a Central Medical Facility (CMF) in Kisumu and, in the future, with health professionals in Nairobi and New Delhi, India, particularly for specialty care. A reliable supply chain will also be built to ensure the availability of medicines and family planning products to network clients.
Later in the project, KMET and WHP plan to expand the geographic reach of the network to maximize s on rural community health status.

About World Health Partners
World Health Partners (WHP) is an international nonprofit organization founded with the main aim of bringing better health services to everyone within walkable distance everywhere with a focus on serving rural and other especially vulnerable communities. Leveraging existing social and economic infrastructure, WHP utilizes the latest advances in communication and diagnostic and medical technology to establish large scale, cost-effective health service networks. Since 2008, WHP has been operating a social franchise network on scale in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India. The network has provided more than 110,000 teleconsultations, largely for primary care, and has served millions of clients with targeted services and product distribution for family planning, tuberculosis and childhood illnesses. For more information, please visit

About Kisumu Medical and Education Trust
Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (KMET) is an indigenous Kisumu-based non-governmental organization established to promote quality health and education services across Kenya. KMET is committed to serving the underserved communities in the spheres of Maternal Child and Family Health. KMET operates in the 35 of the 47 Counties in Kenya as well as regionally in East and Central Africa. Among other programs, KMET runs a social franchise of clinics under the brand name “Huduma Poa Health Network”. The network employs an integrated approach in promoting provision of primary healthcare services.
For more information:

Karen Pak Oppenheimer
Vice President, World Health Partners
M: +1 415.690.6350

Sam Owoko
Programs Manager, KMET
M: +254 710125393




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