Woman gets a new lease of life

Judith Aoko lives with her grandmother and two of her children In Kanyairo village about 20 km from Siaya town. Her grandmother is the breadwinner to both Aoko and the children.
The 27 year old Aoko wears a shy demeanour, looks naïve and doesn’t speak much. She is epileptic the grandmother tells us.
Aoko has had two births while in her twenties yet no man has claimed responsibility of the children says her grandmother.
“I think some men take advantage of her situation when she gets epileptic fits or because she appears to be little mentally challenged” adds Rose Sewe a community health Volunteer working for Huduma Poa.


Judith’s grandmother (left) and Judith Aoko at their home in Kanyoire Village

Rose Sewe had heard about Aoko’s story and decided to consult Rose’s extended family for a solution. She talked to the Uncle and grandmother and they unanimously agreed that it will be prudent to have the lady put on a contraceptive method.
Aoko who was orphaned at a young age attended primary school and is able to write and read even though her comprehension of facts is questionable. She was taken in for counselling at Future Life Medical Clinic and through the guidance of the clinical staff she settled on an implant.
The grandmother says she is happy that her granddaughter is now on a birth control method because she is not ready for more grandchildren.

“Life has become hard, the farm does not produce enough like it used to, so we have to be wise. I love my granddaughter and I wish she gets a good man to live with her someday,” she concludes.

By Emmanuel Oyier


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