KMET’S ECD center gives an 18 year old a gateway to literacy

By Lynette Ouma
As schools reopen for the third term session, a new dawn begins for an 18 year old boy who has decided to pursue his education starting from the ECD level at KMET’s ECD Center which also offers adult classes.
Felix Ouma, who has been raised by a single mother at Kanyakwar area, said he dropped out of ECD since he could not put up with some school rules such as working on teacher’s farms and took to menial jobs at an early age of seven.
As he narrates his story in his new class, Felix says he learnt electrical and dj skills from a friend but then he can’t read or write the names of important equipment nor operate a computer which is very vital in the dj industry, thus the drive to go back to school.
“Every wire has a name in the electrical profession yet I cannot read or write” he laments.
Felix added that he has to start his classes in the afternoon since he has to work in the morning to get cash to fend for himself; more reason he never opted for a normal school, besides the many rules he still abhors.
Unlike many people who look forward to lucrative white collar jobs after education, he just wants to complete high school and then perfect the dj and electrical skills he already has.
He says the choice to be literate especially for those who never had the chance to go to school at an early stage, depends on the line of work one is involved in.


Felix Ouma being taught different sounds by his teacher Janet Aluoch.


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