Youth and Contraceptives

 A info-graphic showing the different contraceptive methods

A info-graphic showing the different contraceptive methods

By Lynette Ouma

There have been many campaigns on the use of contraceptives in a bid to control the number of unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and one of the targets for such campaigns is the youth since abstinence is no longer a reality.

The biggest menace facing most unmarried youths is unwanted pregnancies and therefore its quite obvious majority should embrace the use of contraceptives. The question this poses is which type of contraceptives do majority of youths go for?

Ideally, one might quickly point out condoms as the most used since it also protects one from STI infections, besides being easily available but it might not be the case considering the high rate at which the morning after pills are being sold to the youths.

The morning after pill is for emergency purposes and it’s not one of the family planning methods though it is consumed more often by  youths especially those who are still in school and  shy away from using the known family planning methods.

Nevertheless, quite a number of young people who are not married and not ready to have children use family planning methods like the pill or the injection methods.

“I wouldn’t use a long term family method because of commitment issues in relationships,” said one of the youths when asked on her views regarding youths using long term contraceptives.

Much as youths use contraceptives, our African culture and reservations do not allow them to seek such services from facilities out of fear of being viewed as immoral resulting to most deciding on what to use from hearsay.

Others claim there is limited and misguided information about other types of contraceptives apart from condom that spreads amongst  youths since sensitization on the other types majorly targets married couples.





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