KMET holds training for advocacy on unsafe abortion

The participants in group photo. They agreed to solidify efforts in advocacy on unsafe abortion. which is one of the causes of maternal deaths.

The participants in group photo. They agreed to solidify efforts in advocacy on unsafe abortion. which is one of the causes of maternal deaths.

“It’s time to break the silence on unsafe abortion, we are losing our women to conditions that are preventable,” this was the clarion call made by the Executive Director KMET, Monica Oguttu during the advocacy on unsafe abortion training held in Kisumu.
Outlining the five causes of maternal deaths to be; severe bleeding, obstructed labour, infection, unsafe abortion and high blood pressure emphasis was made to contain the rates of unsafe abortion.
The participants drawn from the three counties of Kisumu, Migori and Siaya counties were enthusiastic to be involved in such a forum. With experience in advocacy spanning two years and others even fourteen
Under the CTG program this meeting was to strengthen the understanding of the partners in unsafe abortion advocacy and the implementation process.
Kmet deputy CEO, Sam Owoko was upbeat that KMET and the partners would work in concert to achieve the set objectives.
“The partners in CtG must closely work together because advocacy isn’t a one-man show it’s a process and requires teamwork,” he said while facilitating at the training. Adding that, KMET would lay ground and offer technical and moral support.
During the training the participants in group task were to formulate advocacy plans. In the process they grasped the need to first identify an issue, set objectives before rolling out their plans.
As part of the open session there were general concerns there is still apathy especially on contraceptives. In certain areas many adolescents were still engaging in unsafe sex contributing to unplanned pregnancies.
It was imminent there is opposition with religious belief a factor in stopping the access to reproductive health services in the three counties.
Rallying the support of the members of the county assembly was offered as a solution to influence county and national governments policies.
“We at KMET have had meetings with the governor Homa-Bay County to paint to him the grim picture and show how we can work together,” said Sam Owoko.
It’s important to engage with this cadre of persons since they have the legislative capacity which sometimes we are required to influence, he added.
The Executive Director, at the closing session had kind words for the participants for their patience and showing the zeal to commence advocating. She said they needed to invigorate themselves and pursue advocacy on unsafe abortion
Reiterating KMETs support, she said they will walk together with the partners and always be on hand to assist where necessary.
By Don King


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