Huduma Poa Holds Review Meetings in Kisii, Kisumu and Homabay

Members of the KMET Huduma Poa Health Franchise have come together in the third quarter of the year to jointly reflect on their combined efforts and contribution to the USAID Health Communication and Marketing (HCM) program deliverables.

The reviews focused on facility and community performances for a period of 1 year (year 3 of HCM implementation) bringing together community health workers, health providers and members of the Ministry of Health who focused their discussions on demand creation and quality of service delivery data generated from various communities and franchise facilities.

During experience sharing in three of such review meetings in Kisii, Kisumu and Homa Bay regions it came out strongly that health providers need to nurture and sustain a good working relationship with Community Health Workers (CHWs) for successful referral of clients and creation of demand for health services.

The Huduma Poa Health Network uses CHWs to reach out to members of the community with health promotion messages, to mobilize their communities during health events and to refer clients to the franchise facilities.

Members of the Ministry of Health lauded KMET for actively involving CHWs in the private health sector and training them on key health messages tailored for the communities they serve.

“I am happy that community health workers in my area are well equipped with information aides like family planning counselling bags for community health education. Good work KMET,” exclaimed Joel Milambo the Community Focal Person, Bondo Sub County.

In order to strengthen the synergy between the MoH and the private health sector, social franchise providers were prevail on to continuously submit their performance reports, forecasts and commodity order reports to the ministry of health to ensure reliable and continuous supply of health supplies to the private sector.

KMET Huduma Poa has harnessed the relationship between the ministry of health and the clinics within the Huduma Poa network so that they are able to get free contraceptive and other medical supplies from the government for free provided they document and report those services.

Huduma Poa is yet to hold the last of its review meetings this year for the Western Kenya region on 31st October.

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By Emmanuel Oyier

2 thoughts on “Huduma Poa Holds Review Meetings in Kisii, Kisumu and Homabay

  1. I am exceedingly glad that the utilization levels of LARCs across Huduma Poa facilities has remarkably increased from 1.5% in 2012 to 29% as at September 2014. More contraceptive choices with balanced counseling and comprehensive information are now available across the 80 social franchise facilities. Kudos to every stakeholder


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