Condoned Traditional Norms.


Gender inequality and violence against women affect the lives of every person, regardless of age or gender. According to the annual report released by Gender Violence Recovery Centre (GVRC) 45% of women between ages 15 – 49 in Kenya have expe­ri­enced either phys­i­cal or sex­ual violence with women and girls accounting for 90% of the gender based violence (GBV) cases reported.

Lisa* (not her real name) is a mother of four (2girls & 2 boys) who has been married for 10 years at the age of 16. She has been abused ever since. When it started she did not think it would escalate to dangerous levels.

She confesses that her husband beats her everyday, especially when he gets drunk. She says that he once threw a knife at her when she asked for intervention from his brothers, fortunately it missed her narrowly. She had stayed at her matrimonial home so she could fend for her children by doing odd jobs as the husband is unemployed.

Last time she was beaten so badly with a `rungu’ that she bled profusely and lost consciousness in the presence of her children .She bled the whole night as there as there was no means of transport that night and her husband had run away thinking that she was dead. The members of her church took her to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital the following morning where she was treated and referred to KMET.

Lisa reported the case at GBV Centre at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital and since she did not have the required fee for a P3 form as she just does odd jobs for upkeep she was forced to let go pressing charges against her husband but instead burry her pain in the grave and move on with life as she continued to nurse the injuries inflicted on her.

Lisa  moved out of her matrimonial home together with her four children and now lives at a friend`s house in Kajulu. She had promised to come back for further psychological support.

In order to reduce occurrences of SGBV, KMET has come up with Freedom House (rescue center) to help tackle challenges young women face. It aims to educate and empower GBV victims as well as give them the opportunity to indulge, share and overcome experiences of abuse.

Ending the violence starts with you and that is why we encourage everyone to be responsible enough to report the cases at any nearest responsible center.

  You can also call us for free on 0800724500 or contact these numbers for help: Child line Kenya-116 and Health Assistance Kenya-1195.

If you wish to contact JOOTRH Gender based Violence Centre Call 07141388868 or beep for medical attention.

Or contact us via email or
Help us break the silence on such instances of human rights violation by sharing your story with us.

Done by Ashiembi


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