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An educated child is equipped with the tools to fight poverty and be prepared for a meaningful citizenship, employment, post secondary education and be active participants in the global society.
Education plays a significance role in releasing a child from poverty and that’s why schools provides a safe, supportive environment for children to learn life skills and make friends
But when poverty, irresponsible parents, Drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and discrimination back at home becomes a challenge we feel that we are not reaching out to those Most Vulnerable Children who need to quench the thirst of education despite fighting all odds to access education.
That’s why The Active Inclusion Project (Active Inclusive of the most Vulnerable Children) in collaboration with KMET and The Ministry of Education Science and Technology through The Kisumu Municipal Education Office ensures that the Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) living in 5 informal settlements in Kisumu Municipality are able to access and complete 9 years of basic education at Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) and Primary School levels. The project targets children who are at risk of dropping out and out-of-school children.
The center has adult/catch up classes for primary school level students who dropped out of school due to fee problems or early pregnancies but wish to continue with education…
We caught up with Dorothy Ndoloh in charge of ECDE Centre and this is what she had to say. “In adult/catch up classes we have 17 students of which 10 students have been registered for K.C.P.E. The classes runs as from 4pm to 8pm, majority of students are between 13-35 years but anyone interested can enroll for a fee of 500/= per month”. She explained.
“Working at this center is quite interesting and encouraging because seeing an elder student of 17-/35 years having that interest of being taken through primary syllabus as low as class five with all the zeal is an indication how thirsty they are for education.” She concluded
Anyone interested to enroll or enroll her child can reach to us through the contacts below or as well visit our offices in Tom Mboya estates for more information.
Tom Mboya Estate, Off Kondele-Airport Ring road
P.O.Box 6805-40103.Kisumu, KENYA
Tel (Off):0701-839115

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