Kmet E.C.D centre:availing education to the under priviledged

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Forty two percent of forty four million Kenyans live below the poverty line and access to health care, clean water, sanitation and education is often a luxury.
Large segments of the population are vulnerable socially, economically and politically therefore education is often a luxury for many people and especially those living in the slum areas.
Phelix and Charles who are eight and seven years old respectively ought to graduate but due to poverty every year they  see their freinds graduating while they are left behind due to financial challenges that they will never understand. other challenges these children face are insecurity, H.I.V and some children are mentally challenged.
In promoting education services to the un- deserved, Kmet offers affordable charges of five hundred shillings per month and twenty shillings per day for porridge at break time and lunch as most of the target children are from the slum areas of Obunga, Manyatta, Nyawita and Bandani.
Three hundred children have so far benefited from these services since 2013 and this year, fifteen children have been registered for final class awaiting to join class one after three years of brain development that they would have otherwise missed on were it not for Kmet giving them hope.
Tom Mboya Estate, Off Kondele-Airport Ring road
P.O.Box 6805-40103.Kisumu, KENYA
Tel (Off):0701-839115
done by beryl onyango

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