ACK Khasoko Health Centre: First IUCD inserted and recorded was because of KMET


In the year 2014, the Ministry of Health directed us to ACK Khasoko Mission Health Centre when KMET was on a mission to recruit more facilities into the Huduma Poa Social Franchise from Bumula Sub County.

The sub county has a population of 129,011 and is the second most populous sub county in Bungoma County. A county that records a total fertility rate of 5.0 compared to the national rate of 3.9.

Huduma Poa has worked with the facility for 11 months now in core intervention areas of integrated family planning and integrated management of childhood illnesses (IMCI). The nature of partnership includes staff training, provision of technical support in quality management and offering support supervision.

In addition, KMET supports four community health volunteers attached to the facility to refer clients from the community for health services.

In May 2015, the KMET Huduma Poa program staff and the Executive Director visited the facility to ensure there is uninterrupted service delivery and offer feedback on the progress made in the areas of child health (pneumonia, malaria and diarrheal diseases), family planning and cervical cancer screening.

The health facility had inserted 19 IUCDs, 312 implants and screened 220 clients for cervical cancer in a period of nine months. Joseph Odhiambo, the clinical officer in charge confirmed that indeed long acting and reversible contraceptive methods were not their priority before the partnership.

The only method of contraception being offered then was the injection and male condom.

“I have been here for four years and the short relationship between you KMET and this facility has been a big achievement. One because the first IUCD to be inserted was done when we started the partnership being the first time an IUCD appeared in the records of the facility,” reported Joseph.

Joseph explained that the only period they ever recorded an Implant insertion before, was when a nonprofit organization would occasionally use their room to offer the services using their own personnel and not the hospital’s.

Being the only provider trained on cervical cancer screening and insertion of IUCDs in the facility, Joseph has mentored two other colleagues who were recently recruited with the support of the KMET Quality assurance officer.

He attributes the number of cervical cancer screening and family planning clients to efforts of the community health volunteers.

The four community health volunteers were trained and given job aids on family planning, HIV counseling and cervical cancer for purposes of referrals.

During a roundtable feedback session the CHWs underscored the importance of the training saying that, they have been equipped with facts, which make their work easier.

“KMET has really considered the work of CHVs and trained us; we are not scared when we talk to the community and this has made the four of us unique from the other CHV’s who are not in Huduma Poa,” reported Judith one of the community health volunteers.

She reported a shift in attitude of clients from Depo injections to more long-term methods citing instances when they have had outreaches where clients turn up in large numbers and night falls when more clients are still coming in.

They however challenge KMET to think of a package that can bring men on board in family planning, suggesting options like prostate cancer screening.

The biggest challenge the facility experiences is that there is no health practitioner trained in cryotherapy in the sub county hence they refer clients to the county referral facility which is far away and hampers effective follow-up.

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by  emmanuel oyier

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