Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives: the choice for young people

Participants during a group discussion

Participants during a group discussion

Most young people who are sexually active more often opt for short term contraceptive methods in order to prevent pregnancy.

In fact, it is no longer news that majority are frequently using the emergency pills despite the adverse effect of a possible ectopic pregnancy in future.

Some of those using pills and condoms on the other hand are not consistent resulting to unwanted pregnancies and of course, unsafe abortions and its related problems.

Unto them that are on injection (depo), they face the risk of delayed return to fertility. Do young people really have a choice when it comes to contraceptive methods?

Young people do have convenient and efficient contraceptive choices but most of them either have no idea or have inaccurate information concerning the methods.

It is in this light that KMET under the CTG program trained youth peer providers from Kisumu, Migori and Siaya Counties on Long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) and how effective and convenient they are for young people.

According to Caro Nyandat, KMET RH Coordinator, LARC especially non hormonal IUD saves young people from delayed return to fertility and frequent visits to a health facility.

Moreover, young people escape the hook of pregnancy as a result of inconsistency when using the everyday pills.

Caro also noted that majority of those using the non-hormonal IUD do not experience abnormal monthly periods or weight changes as it has been reported by those on hormonal methods.

The youth peer providers are expected to disseminate information on the convenience of implants and IUD in pregnancy prevention, especially to the young people who always assume these methods are meant for older people.

The 5 days training which took place in Bondo was facilitated by RH Coordinator Caro Nyandat, Kepha Ogalo, Teddy Brian and Peter Victor who are peer educators.

By Lynette Ouma


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