Wide spread ignorance in most men: breast cancer


Many people assume that only women are diagnosed with breast cancer and top on the myth is men having breast cancer, as they assume they don’t have breasts .Statistics show that a larger percentage of men die of breast cancer compared to women as they are ignorant of the disease hence detected at a very late stage.

Men have a concentration of nonfunctional breast tissue directly behind the nipples on the chest wall just like breast cancer in women. This is then characterized by unregulated, out of control cell growth resulting in over 100 different types of cancers each classified by the type of cell that it initially affected.

The overgrown cells sometimes known as tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems and can also release hormones that interfere with normal bodily functions. These dangerous tumors are known as Malignant tumors, however not all of the tumors are dangerous. Benign tumors stay in one spot demonstrating limited growth and very little or no interference with bodily functions.

Symptoms of breast cancer are pus from nipple that may have blood stains, swelling on breast, sore in skin around breast, nipple enlarged to breast and a lump under the arm are among the signs men should check for.

Cancer can be treated through surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and biological therapy. Men are therefore called to check themselves and seek treatment in case of any suspicion at the early stages of breast cancer.


by beryl onyango


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