You don’t have to be rich to eat healthily.

Your health is gold. Preserve it.

Motherhood is an ‘unemployed occupation’ that when it comes knocking, one has to do her best to nurture her offspring(s) in a manner that will ensure that they grow morally upright, mentally and physically alright. Many a time, one needs an advice on how to hack motherhood, to have smooth pregnancies, successful deliveries that bear bouncy babies and all the little but important things that pushes them on. This is the reason why every Friday at KMET Corkran clinic, Tobias Oketch(Toto na Tobby) takes the initiative to give pieces of advice to mothers and pregnant women waiting for medical services.

His advice centers around the nutritional value of food for mothers and their children. He gives them tips on the benefits of consuming common and affordable food. For example, he pointed out some of the benefits of eating groundnuts and eating porridge which are boosting energy, improving the children’s and fetus’/babies’ growth and development, improving digestion, preventing heart disease and fighting fungal infections by boosting the immune system. He’s moved by the passion to help these mothers have an uncomplicated pregnancies and healthy children and one can ascertain this by the sharing in depth of his knowledge about nutritional value.

As it is KMET’s motto, “Huduma Poa“, be rest assured you will receive incomparable medical service, counsel, guidance and assistance because KMET believes that everyone is entitled to receiving quality health services.

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Girls and women in resource-poor settings often lack access to sanitary pads, and the consequences they suffer as a result are sometimes unbearable, for example, majority of girls don’t attend to their lessons during this time of the month.DSCN9559
We’re often asked as an organization, “Why the idea of reusable sanitary pads? Is it really that significant a problem?” The answer is yes, because the vulnerable girls in the community we serve need it, to them sanitary pads are an exorbitant luxury hence most are forced to resort to unsanitary and sometimes unsafe measures to meet their needs. Our vision is to see in to it that this girls remain in class safe and healthy.
We all long for a future  where everybody has enough food, is in good health and can work, and can earn a living of not less than Ksh100 per day by 2030. But how to we achieve this Many, many kids around the world are out of school In fact, in developing regions, kids from the poorest households are four times more likely to be out of school than those of the riches house-holds and it became even more difficult for the girl child. They say if you have to leave a place the same way you found it, you’re not worth to be remembered.IMG_6606
KMET sisterhood for Change was started back in the year 2006, the programs targets young vulnerable girls in the slums of Obunga and Manyatta who dropped out of school fee due to poverty .The project empowers girls through vocational training in the areas of food and beverage, hairdressing and beauty and tailoring .The school has graduated close to 700 hundred girls who are now employment in saloons and hotels with Kisumu and majority opt for self-employment. The girls also produce reusable sanitary towels that are distributed to needy girls in and out of school
A number of schools within and outside have opt for the comfort reusable sanitary towels and the feedback has always been encouraging. The KMET comfort sanitary is affordable to every girl and will keep them in school for a period of one year before disposal.




In this 21st century, everything has been made easier for us. Although no cure has been found for HIV/AIDS, at least there are some inventions that can minimize or even prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. One of these amazing inventions is the dental dam. I know you are cocking and scratching your head while wondering what dental dam is and what it’s all about. Hold your breath!

It’s a small, thin, square latex that comes in a variety of flavors. They are used for oral-vaginal sex and oral-anal sex to prevent the transmission of STDs like herpes, genital warts and HIV. The prevention of transmission of STDs during oral sex is effective since a dental dam acts as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that contain bacteria and viruses but it is only effective when used correctly and consistently. Step one is you have to rinse the powdery talc from the dental dam by patting dry with a towel or air drying. Then you place water based lubricant on the side that faces the genitals. This will act as a barrier on the genitals.

Remember, do not move the barrier back and forth between the vagina and anus because you’ll be increasing chances of infections by exposing yourself to the very fluids you are trying to avoid. The same applies to not using the same dental dam on different parts of the body because you can transfer bacteria that way. Don’t forget to throw away barrier after usage and do not share the dental dams or re-use them.

You can improvise by making it out of a condom, latex glove or non-microwavable saran wrap as illustrated. As for the condom, you just cut a rolled one to the center and open it up or simply cut off the tip and cut down one side. If your option is latex glove, just cut off the fingers’ part then cut down one side. If your choice is saran wrap, ensure you use a non-microwavable saran wrap because the pores in microwaveable saran wrap are large enough to allow viruses and bacteria to pass through.


It’s essential to be safe so it’s advisable to visit a chemist or clinic and purchase. You are most welcomed to KMET clinic. For more information and free advice about anything regarding safe sex and family planning, visit KMET or/and call 0800 724 500.