Recently Kenya lost a prominent senator Ben Oluoch Okello of Migori county who succumbed to cancer. A good number of Kenyans have lost their lives due to cancer which has reached an invasive stage. Cancer if detected in time can be managed thus saving lives. Below is a poem on cervical cancer urging sexually active women to screen for cervical cancer in time for proper and effective management. I hope you learn from it remember, cervical cancer if detected early can be managed.

Some of you say I am a myth while some say I got no cure,
Today I want to reveal my real self to you,
I am cervical cancer or better still; silent killer,
I have neither heart nor Saul,
I shatter hope, corrode faith and cripple love,
I am silent, invisible but I do exist,
Some say I am aweful, heartless and evil,
I leave hearts broken, words unspoken and graves open,
I live with you only if you allow me to,
I love you so much, do you love me?

I am known by many yet I know none
With neither prejudice nor bias I come,
I am not a thief nut I come like a thief,
I steal from you love, health and comfort,
I devour al leaving none behind,
I touch a living body leaving a mark of death,
I am not kind or maybe I am,
Quick recovery wishes shake me not,
You call me I come, you welcome me I stay
I am your friend, always there for you any time.

Survival is for the fittest how fit are you?
Just like a dove I love,
To handle me you got to use your brain,
Wait not till I lose my patience,
I serve no justice to the weak,
No mercy for the innocent,
No worry about the poor,
You can call me names; son of a bitch,
Hate me, right?
Your eyes are full of tears who is going to swim in there?
Come close let me whisper in your ears,
I am a silent killer.

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