When the KMET team arrives in Yala C.C.A_Johera Muhoho Church ground at 10am, they navigate the almost impassable roads which have been worsened by the heavy rains that have been falling of late. The magnitude of the villagers gathered is impressive. They are eager to hear more from KMET and voice out the experiences and grievances faced at the community health facility.DSCN4651

Well, before KMET’s Uzaaji Salama project rolled out in Yala sub-county, a lot of the pregnant mothers would die in the hands of the village midwives and the babies would be vulnerable health-wise since they were not taken for clinical visits which are important for babies’ growth and development.

DSCN4667 Men like this one here is very supportive. He advises his fellow men to assist their pregnant wives during pregnancy and delivery since it’s not the woman’s place alone to ensure that the pregnancy is uncomplicated.

DSCN4675 Jane, a mother of three, praises the Uzaaji Salama initiative because her deliveries in hospital were safe and uncomplicated. She says, “I’ve seen my children grow up healthy all thanks to Uzaaji Salama. I’m glad I listened to the CHVs to deliver in hospital and to always take my children to clinic.”

Uzaaji Salama not only urges mothers to deliver in hospital but also advocates for their maternal health rights. It lends ears to all the grievances raised by the mothers and follow up with health facilities. The Uzaaji Salama looks into such complaints by listening and setting up meetings with the Siaya county representatives(because Uzaaji Salama project only takes place in Siaya county and its sub-counties)in order to address these complaints. The mothers complain of being treated poorly in hospitals when they go to deliver so the Uzaaji Salama team has partnered with the CHVs who urge the villagers to consider delivering in hospital and who ensure these mothers are treated well in hospitals and the equipment are up to date.

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