About KMET

Our Mission

KMET exists to promote innovative and sustainable health and education programs among underserved communities.

Our Vision

Communities with accessible quality, sustainable reproductive health and education.

Our Goal

Integrating reproductive health (RH) into core community development activities (Ref. ICPD Cairo Conference 1994).


  • Increase access to family planning and quality community based maternal/child health services
  • Improve socio-economic indicators among target households in western Kenya
  • Contribute to improved adolescent sexual reproductive health indicators in Western Kenya
  • Enhance advocacy for systematic reproductive health rights and implementation of policy and legislation affecting households
  • Strengthen KMET’s ability to effectively plan health and education interventions and the delivery of services at both the community and regional levels
  • To mainstream gender in all it programmes as a vital component of RH development

Our Core Values

KMET’s Core Values are encapsulated in the acronym CHIGAID where:

C-Community participation

H -Human rights promotion

I -Innovation

G -Gender Equity

A – Accountability

I -Integrity

D -Diversity

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