Bima Poa

KMET will launch health insurance cover that targets the low income earners in the community to enable them access quality health services.

The KMET Programs Manager Sam Owoko said the Bima Poa health insurance plan requires a premium of sh8000 for one member and five dependants.

Owoko said community members will be allowed to pay at once or in two installments of sh 4000. Premium payments can be made through Mpesa. He disclosed that the health insurance program covers the outpatient treatment, maternity and referral services to the members.

The officer said the health plan targeting the poor is being implemented in partnership with African Medilink and Pharm Access Foundation of Netherlands.

Owoko said the health plan is being piloted in Kisumu and Siaya for six months and will be scaled up to a five year program after assessing the pilot results.

He added that KMET targets 6,200 people in the two districts saying they work with private sector which contribute 52% of health care in country. Owoko said the health insurance in the country has a lot of challenges forcing the poor to seek medical services from quacks.

In Kisumu they work with Nightgale Hospital, Milimani Maternity and Nursing Home, Gods Will Clinic and KMET Corkran clinic to provide health services to the members.

He added that the organization work with Bama and Dophil maternity homes in Siaya saying the health program will be launched officially in August this year.

Owoko disclosed that each of these health facilities hires six community health workers to help in marketing the health insurance to their respective districts.

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